SPICA – Painkiller (MV)

SPICA Painkiller music video.  They got good singing voices but watching them isn’t that fun yet.  Maybe they need to look hotter with this slower song? [Read More…]

SHINHWA – Venus (MV)

Venus music video.  Not that bad considering they are old men now.  They should stick to their solo activities and mold their protégés Teen Top. [Read More…]

SHINee – Sherlock (Clue + Note)

SHINee Sherlock (Clue + Note) music video.  The song is not really that great on the ears but watching them dance and perform is really powerful.  Taemin with the long hair looks weird, but then again they always are dressed weird.  I keep wondering when Minho is going to trip over and fall flat on his face when he does his jump over his fellow member.  Anyhow I am glad they are still on top despite all the influx of boy bands and hoopla especially from their own company SM Entertainment with EXO.  If I were Super Junior or SHINee I would be pissed.  Oh wait, SM Entertainment wants to be like AKB48 or Johnny’s, so EXO are Super Junior Jrs!!!  Unfortunately SM Entertainment doesn’t have a total monopoly on the market like Johnny’s do in Japan so they are just hurting Super Junior and SHINee by making them be less special or unique.  [Read More…]