New basketball mecha anime titled Basquash starts April 2, 2009.  Looks like the concept for the anime is freestyle basketball, Nike shoes, cars, and mecha. 

Kawamori Shoji is involved in this anime project.  Toma Roman is the art director and mecha concept designer. He leads a French team of artists creating detailed original artwork.  The anime looks good and action scenes are all high quality computer graphics.

The story is told on an earthlike planet called Ahss-dash in Rolling Town.  The Moon is a technologically superior country (a mystery) occupying a vast part of the sky and lights up at night.  Dan JD is the protagonist and believes the moon holds the medical technology to treat his sister who was crippled playing bball with some bigfoots.  The bigfoots are the robot mecha with car faces/bodies.  The bigfoots wear Nike shoes which is basically a slam dunk advertising deal considering how many people watch popular anime.

From the preview show it seems Dan has a big grudge against bigfoots and the BFB league, due to his sister’s feet getting crippled by one, and vandalizes monitors showing BFB matches.  One day he meets Miyuki and learns to use a bigfoot.  He’s later at a BFB match with excruciatingly crappy sucky players, he decides to get involved with his Bigfoot and appears as Dunk Mask.


 basquash32635 basquash32840

 basquash10244 basquash16069


basquash19329 Dan JD / Dunk Mask

basquash16944 Sera D. Miranda

basquash17954 Miyuki Ayukawa / bigfoot engineer

basquash18427  Coco JD / little sister

basquash18694 Iceman Hottie

basquash19082 Spunky / transforms into Dan’s  headgear / facemask.

basquash19866 Eclipse / the Moon Idols sing “nO limiT (opening theme).

basquash33487 Yamada Yu sings the main theme “Free”

basquash20173 ???



Youtube search: Basquash

Youtube search: Yamada Yu Free

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