Kara – Kpop girl group who is who?

They’ve pretty much become my favorite group so far. I think if they keep it up they’ll end up being like SPEED and become Asian superstars. The leader Gyuri looks like Takako from SPEED. They should start learning Japanese because they probably can penetrate the Japanese market. They got the cute that the Japanese like and enough sexy to start competing with the Korean sexy groups. The girls that I like are Nicole, Seungyeon, and Hara.

I came across this great fansite for Kara: http://karaholic.com/forums/ at the bottom of the post you can watch the Youtube videos they’ve translated of Nicole on a game show.


From Left to Right: Seungyeon, Nicole, Gyuri, Jiyoung, and Hara.
Kara kpop2

More group pictures from Wanna MV:
Kara kpop0Kara kpop1Kara kpop3

Leader: Gyuri (Park Gyu Ri)

Kara kpop - Gyuri0Kara kpop - Gyuri1Kara kpop - Gyuri2Kara kpop - Gyuri3Kara kpop - Gyuri4Kara kpop - Gyuri5Kara kpop - Gyuri6Kara kpop - Gyuri7

Seungyeon (Han Seung Yeon)

Kara kpop - Seungyeon07Kara kpop - Seungyeon08Kara kpop - Seungyeon09Kara kpop - Seungyeon10Kara kpop - Seungyeon11Kara kpop - Seungyeon12Kara kpop - Seungyeon13Kara kpop - Seungyeon14Kara kpop - Seungyeon15Kara kpop - Seungyeon01Kara kpop - Seungyeon02Kara kpop - Seungyeon03Kara kpop - Seungyeon04Kara kpop - Seungyeon05Kara kpop - Seungyeon06

Hara (Koo Ha Ra)

Kara kpop - Hara0Kara kpop - Hara1Kara kpop - Hara2Kara kpop - Hara3Kara kpop - Hara4Kara kpop - Hara5Kara kpop - Hara6Kara kpop - Hara7

Nicole (Jung Yong Joo)

Kara kpop - Nicole08Kara kpop - Nicole09Kara kpop - Nicole10Kara kpop - Nicole11Kara kpop - Nicole12Kara kpop - Nicole13Kara kpop - Nicole14Kara kpop - Nicole15Kara kpop - Nicole16Kara kpop - Nicole17Kara kpop - Nicole00Kara kpop - Nicole01Kara kpop - Nicole02Kara kpop - Nicole03Kara kpop - Nicole04Kara kpop - Nicole05Kara kpop - Nicole06Kara kpop - Nicole07

Jiyoung (Kang Ji Young)

Kara kpop - Jiyoung0Kara kpop - Jiyoung1Kara kpop - Jiyoung2Kara kpop - Jiyoung3Kara kpop - Jiyoung4Kara kpop - Jiyoung5Kara kpop - Jiyoung6Kara kpop - Jiyoung7

Some videos to watch.

Kara – Rock U MV (Their Names pop up)

Nicole on Korean game show called Star Golden Bell. She’s Korean American from the LA area. She’s been studying Korean for 3 years and apparently learned her basic Korean from her Grandmother who used a country dialect.  The videos keep getting deleted so do a search.

Youtube search: star golden bell nicole

Here is a fansite for more on Kara:   http://karaholic.com/forums/


  1. I heard that there’s a possibility for KARA to debut in Japan. Their company announced that they would by the end of the year. But because of their schedule, it got pushed back. It’ll probably be next year. Gyuri and SeungYeon’s been practicing Japanese also.

    check this out: http://dkpopnews.blogspot.com/2009/11/newsex-morning-musume-member-yaguchi.html

    I do hope they debut in Japan.

  2. nicole jung you so pretty and cute

  3. Sjinko says:

    I think there all pretty awesome!!!! GO KARA MISTER!!!

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