Who is who T-ara (Tiara) Kpop girl group

Below are pictures of the 6 members of T-ara.  Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon, Boram, Qri, and Soyeon.  I had some videos linked of T-ara of the Star Interviews in Korea, but they were removed from youtube.  They’re brought to us and translated by Diadem Subs and probably can be found on their site.  Jiyeon and Qri are popular since they act in a drama.  They also tend to be more popular with guys as far as attractiveness.  Boram has a famous father who’s a singer.  She won a variety show called Idol Survival Special, so she definitely has more spunk than meets the eye.  Boram’s also the oldest, but looks the most innocent since she’s the shortest. Also check out my earlier T-ara who is who post with their debut look or image.



Eunjung (Eun Jung) – Leader, main vocalist, rapper, actress


Hyomin (Hyo Min) – main vocalist, rapper


Jiyeon (Ji Yeon) – vocal, actress, model


Boram – vocal (was a solo artist before)


Qri (Q-ri) – vocal, actress, model, she has a beauty mark on her nose.


Soyeon (So Yeon) – main vocalist (real good singer)



  1. i love you t-ara

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