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Rainbow is a seven member kpop girl group.  They are from the same company as Kara, DSP Entertainment.  They debuted with “Gossip Girl” in late 2009 and followed it up with performances of “Not Your Girl”.  They returned after an unusually long break with their new single “A” in August, 2010.  This song became famous for their belly button dance where they slightly lifted their shirts and showed their tummies.

The Rainbow members were extremely happy they finally were being acknowledged and invited to some variety shows and given more opportunities.  Their change in scheduled activities were pretty much like night and day compared to their debut period.  Unfortunately the belly button dance got banned on some public broadcasts, so they stopped showing their belly buttons in some performances.  Despite that slight drawback right in the middle of their promotions, that probably gave them even more attention.

They have become popular with young men and uncle fans.  Taking advantage of their new momentum they quickly released a sexy digital single titled “Mach” right after finishing up their “A” promotions.  In April of 2011 they have released their second mini album “So Girls” with their new single “To Me” produced by the Japanese DJ, Daishi Dance.

In June Rainbow released their “Repackage” mini album with their new single “Sweet Dream”.  Unfortunately around the middle of their promotions, Jisook’s mother was very sick from a chronic illness and passed away on July 4th.  The song wasn’t charting as well as “To Me” and I guess with the sad event they decided to stop fully promoting it and move on.  They are currently preparing for their Japan debut with the Japanese version of “A”, scheduled for release on 9/14/11.

Rainbow had a successful debut in Japan with their first single “A” and performed well on Japanese TV.  In December they performed at the Universal Sigma Festival, released their second single Mach (12/7), and held three live events at the Rainbow Premium Live Showcases in Osaka, Tokyo, and Nagoya.  At the 12th Video Daejun’s Award show they won most photogenic of the year along with U-Kiss.  At the 26th Golden Disk Awards they won the Hallyu Icon Award.  It was well deserved considering their Japan total sales were higher than most of the new girl groups that debuted in Japan this year besides the usual Kpop powerhouse groups.

In January 2012, DSP revealed a new sub-unit trio named Rainbow Pixie.  Hyunyoung, Jisook, and Seunga are the members and their first single is called Hoi Hoi.  The group concept is more cute, fun, and magical like fairies.

Watch the Music Video: Rainbow Pixie – Hoi Hoi


Latest Updates:

7/7/12 For the latest news and updates visit my Rainbow Fansite called RAINNOUS LOVE.
3/14/12 New Japanese single released Gonna Gonna Go! Check out the Teaser.

1/13/2012: Rainbow debuted a new sub-unit called Rainbow Pixie (Hyunyoung, Jisook, and Seunga) on January 12, 2012.  Their digital single is titled Hoi Hoi. Check it out here.
1/13/2012: Rainbow released their second Japanese single “Mach” on December  7, 2011.
9/21/2011: Rainbow held a successful debut showcase followed by a handshake event at the Shibuya AX on the 18th and have since returned to Korea.  Their next Japanese single will be Mach.
9/3/2011: Rainbow arrived in Japan for their upcoming September 14th debut with the Japanese version of ACheck out the Teaser!
7/4/2011: Jisook’s Mother
passed away due to a chronic illness.  Jisook was able to be with her mother since she was not performing with the group in the preceding daysRainbow’s schedule will be cleared for a grieving period.  Our sympathies to Jisook and her family.
6/21/2011: Repackage
mini album with new single Sweet DreamCheck it out here.  Also make sure to check out their Facebook and their Twitter accounts are active again!
Rainbow is scheduled to debut in Japan in September!  Check it out here.
New mini album So Girls and single called To MeCheck it out here.
10/19/2010: They have a new digital single called MachCheck it out here.

Official Sites:
Official Homepage
Universal Music Official Homepage
Rainbow Japan Official Fanclub
Rainbow Official Blog
Rainbow Facebook Page
Rainbow Youtube Channel
DSP Youtube Channel



Music Videos – Gossip Girl :: A :: To Me :: Sweet Dream  :: Hoi Hoi (Rainbow Pixie)

Live Performance SearchGossip Girl :: Not Your Girl :: A :: Mach :: To Me :: Sweet Dream :: Hoi Hoi (Rainbow Pixie)

Japanese VideosA Teaser :: Mach Teaser :: Gonna Gonna Go! Teaser

Kim Jae Kyung (12/24/88) RED – Leader – Cyworld :: me2day :: Twitter




Oh Seung A (9/13/88) INDIGO – Cyworld :: me2day :: Twitter




Cho Hyun Young (8/11/91) YELLOW – Main Vocals – Cyworld :: me2day :: Twitter




Koh Woo Ri (2/22/88) ORANGE – Rapper – Cyworld :: me2day :: Twitter




No Eul (5/10/89) BLUE – Cyworld :: me2day :: Twitter




Jung Yoon Hye (4/14/90) PURPLE – me2day :: Twitter




Kim Ji Sook (7/18/90) GREEN – Cyworld :: me2day :: Twitter



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  1. Hey, thanks for breaking it down, with pictures, of who’s who. These girls have filled in the void the last month or so in place of SNSD, KARA and T-ARA until their next Comeback Stage.

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